Life Time FitGiving Challenge presented by Invisalign

Sun November 1 – Thu November 26 2020

Thanksgiving is about expressing gratitude, recognizing our blessings, and giving to others.

Let’s be real, this year has been a battle for many. The year 2020 will probably be its own chapter in future history books. With a year as chaotic as this, we all need a little positivity in our lives.

To help bring some light into the world, we present to you: The Life Time FitGiving Challenge presented by Invisalign, kicking off November 1st, 2020.

Spend the month of November focusing on your mind, body, and spirit, while uplifting those around you and giving back to your community. This challenge is all about giving and gaining, while making a whole lot of room for that turkey & stuffing at the end of the month.

How it Works

We will provide you with a calendar full of activities to benefit yourself and others during the month of November. Work through the calendar and unlock different challenges that fall under these categories: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Play Time, Recovery, and Gratefulness. One day you might be doing some planks, while the next day you might pay for someone’s coffee. The daily challenges will help prepare you for a Turkey Day 5k that you complete on your own time before indulging in Thanksgiving Day dinner with your loved ones. We’ll send you weekly emails to help you stay on track with your calendar.

What’s Included

  • Medal for participant
  • 2 Enamel Pins to share with friends or loved ones
  • Educational and Inspirational Content & Challenges
  • Online Badges
  • Custom downloadable race bib
  • Custom downloadable finisher certificate
  • Custom GIF stickers to enhance your social media posts



The Turkey Day Run experience is at the pinnacle of athletic events thanks in part to our wonderful sponsors.

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